Lenox Tuscany Classics 4-Piece Craft Beer Glass Set

Lenox Tuscany Classics collection's designed to enhance the color and the aroma of your drink. The Craft Beer Collection includes the following glasses from left to right: 18 oz. Indian Pale Ale, 18 oz. Stemmed Pilsner, 20 oz. Pint, and 22 oz. Wheat Beer.
  • The Craft Beer Glass Set includes:
    • 18 oz. Indian Pale Ale; perfect for Indian Pale Ales and other lighter ales
    • 18 oz. Stemmed Pilsner that is suited for stouts and dark beers
    • 20 oz. Pint with Crown marks this English-style pub glass as an official imperial pint – perfect for generous pours of pale ales and lagers
    • A generous 22 oz. Wheat Beer glass is perfect for the many varieties of craft wheat beers and most pale/blonde beers
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Imported