Riedel Sommelier Sauterne Glass

Claus J Riedel was the first designer to recognize that the bouquet, taste, balance and finish of wines are affected by the shape of the glass from which they are consumed. More than 50 years ago he began his pioneering work to create stemware that would match and complement different wines and spirits. In the late 1950s, RIEDEL started to produce glasses which at that time were a design revolution. Thin-blown, unadorned, reducing the design to its essence: bowl, stem, base. Riedel Sommelier stems from Austria are unequivocally the best wine glasses ever made. These magnificent crystal stems are all handblown by master glassblowers. Their perfectly balanced size and shape actually improve the flavor and bouquet of all of your wines.

Dimensions of the Riedel Sommelier Sauterne Glass:
Height: 7-7/8"                          Capacity: 13-3/4 oz

The Riedel Sommelier Sauterne Glass is recommended for:
Auslese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese, Eiswein, Sauternes, Tokaji.

Riedel Model Number of the Riedel Sommelier Sauterne Glass: # 4400/55