Totally Bamboo A Slice of Life Wisconsin

Savor a slice of America's Dairyland with the Totally Bamboo A Slice of Life Wisconsin Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board! This eye-catching serving board is a wonderful way to celebrate the state of Wisconsin. It's a perfect choice to serve a selection of delicious cheeses, crackers and finger foods with friends and family. One side of the board features laser-etched artwork of the outline of the state and fun call outs of the top cities, sights and attractions. From  Eau Claire to Green Bay, Wausau to Lake Winnebago and everywhere in between, this board features everything that makes Wisconsin great. When not being used for serving, the board can be flipped over to provide an ideal large cutting board surface. The board is constructed of organically-grown Moso bamboo, which is gentler on knives than plastic and easier to care for than hardwood. The two-tone design clearly highlights the natural beauty of bamboo. The board measures 11" x 8-3/4" x 1/2". Whether as a gift for the Wisconsinite in your life (or for yourself), this Slice of Life board is sure to be a hit!